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by | Apr 13, 2021 | Marketing, Strategy, Video

Corey on Bissell video shoot

Video content is (still) king. Not only are more and more people watching videos online, but many (72%) would prefer to watch a video about a product or service rather than read about it. YouTube is used by 81% of U.S. adults and has surpassed the number of Facebook users (69%). By 2022, 82% of the world’s internet traffic will be from video streaming and downloads.

Video is a highly engaging and versatile medium. From product demos and explainer videos to testimonials and virtual tours—video is the perfect complement to any marketing campaign.

However, with the endless formats, styles, and creative options, getting started with video can be challenging. How do you decide on the right style? Should the video be animated? Will you have to hire a crew or find talent? What about editing, coloring, music, voiceover, and graphics?

Working with an agency like DVS can help you reap the many benefits of using video without requiring you to have any prior experience. Our in-house video team is equipped to handle all the details while ensuring your video connects with your target audience and accomplishes your marketing goals.

You Don’t Need Any Experience

Partnering with an agency allows you to tap into expertise that is outside your own. Just like you know the ins and outs of your business, we know what video styles work best for certain objectives and how to craft an experience designed to connect with audiences. Every project begins by talking with you to learn about your business and your objectives. We work closely with every client to figure out what kind of video will best suit your brand, clearly convey your message, reach your audience, and inspire them to take a specified action.

DVS Video Editing Suite

We Handle the Details

Even a relatively short two or three-minute video involves many details and a lot of work to make sure everything is picture-perfect. Many of our clients simply don’t have the time or resources to handle scripting, location scouting, talent search, hiring a crew, preparing the equipment, editing, coloring, and music selection. Working with an agency means handing those details off to someone with resources to handle them and experience to problem-solve if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Videos Designed for Your Marketing Strategy

Our expertise isn’t limited to video projects. As a full-service agency, we believe it’s vital for every tactic to support your overall strategy. Creating the video is only part of the equation. It’s only one tactic. And it’s imperative that tactic works within the context of your marketing strategy, and in conjunction with the other tactics to ensure that, together, they help not only meet yearly goals, but also to have the largest, most meaningful impact on your target audiences.

Project Examples

The best way to showcase our capabilities is to look at how we’ve helped other clients.

Promotional/Brand Video

Champion Force Athletics was looking for a way to showcase just how vibrant and energetic their classes are and how programs empower athletes. We decided on a testimonial-style video with parents sharing their experiences and footage filmed at a competition. We also re-cut the longer video into shorter segments for social media ads.

Experiential Video

Sunset Senior Communities wanted to showcase what life looks like on their senior living campuses by highlighting residents and their favorite activities. These slice-of-life videos also needed to function as social media ads, which meant a maximum length of 15-seconds and on-screen text so viewers can watch with or without sound.

Product Demo

Bissell regularly uses demonstration videos to showcase various products. These videos usually feature actors (both human and canine) and a carefully crafted script that showcases the product’s specific capabilities and features. Some videos also include computer-generated imagery (CGI) to help audiences “see” what happens inside the unit.


Videos are also a great tool to educate your audience. We created an animated video to give more context to one of our own services. The visuals and voice-over work together to explain the somewhat complex concept of marketing automation.


Sometimes, it’s hard to convey how your brand improves people’s lives with just words. Testimonials put the spotlight on those you help while still highlighting how you helped them. This video for HUGS Ranch takes viewers on a specific parent’s journey while also visually showcasing the ranch, the atmosphere, and their mission.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Do you have a particular vision for your video project? Great! We’d love to hear about it and help you bring that vision to life. Or perhaps you’d like to utilize video but aren’t quite sure how. No problem. We’ll help craft a video that compliments your strategy, connects with your audience, and reaches your objectives. Contact us to get your next project started.