Logo Design

“A logoless company is a faceless man”
—David Airey

What is a Logo?

Logos are unique symbols, icons, or marks designed and adopted by a company or organization as a brand representation.

Why are logos vital for marketing?

You may be wondering, why is having a logo so important and how can a picture tell people about your company? First, a logo is a piece of art, and it can be extremely cool. So cool that they have become status symbols, fashion statements, and iconic emblems all over the world. Second, logos are designed to not only be a visual representation but also to tell the story of your brand. Your brand is your company’s customer-perceived personality, reputation, quality, and value all wrapped into one. Your logo represents all of those.

Visual Society

You see, human communication is highly visual. In fact, 80% of what we learn and 93% of what we communicate is visual. So, literally, out of sight is out of mind. A well-designed logo allows you to take advantage of our visual dependency—creating a highly-memorable brand representation. And, let’s face it, with today’s incredibly cluttered communication channels, we must cut through the fog and be seen!

Public Recognition

With the right design, strategy, and implementation a logo evolves—symbolizing your brand’s story and reputation, giving your organization a face and personality. Connect with your audience with a simple glance, without whispering a word. You see, The beauty of having a great logo is simplicity. It doesn’t need sound bites, copy, or video to connect with an audience. They also complement your promotional efforts, giving your audience a visual connection to each of your messages, creating public recognition throughout your marketing campaign, industry, community, and target audience.

DVS Logos—design with a purpose

At DVS, we take your logo design very seriously. Our creative team is compiled of artists, designers, and marketers who collaboratively design your logo. Together, we not only craft an aesthetically capturing piece of art—we design a logo that represents your brand and speaks to your audience. To do so, we use the following process for each of our designs.


1 Listen

We start by listening; discussing your vision, company, brand and more. The primary objective is to ensure that we have captured the look, feel, and representation you want for your logo.

2 Research & Review

Next, we research and review your competition and the history of your company. Here we gain an understanding of the tone of your industry so that we can create a unique and suitable design. We also look at your past branding, building upon your previous efforts (sometimes, we decide to start fresh).


3 Ideation

Now it’s time to let our creativity shine—we come together to discuss and choose several directions to take your design. We use our research and your input to come up with 15 – 20 ideas of what your logo could be.

4 Sketch

Time to let the artists work. Our designers go old school, breaking out the pencil and paper hand sketching our ideas into drafts. We then take our best designs and digitize them, seeing how they look on screen, print, and anywhere else you desire.

Asset 10

5 Present

Here we show and tell; we present our best designs that fit your future marketing efforts. Most importantly, we get your feedback, seeing what you like and do not like about our designs.

6 Listen & Adjust

We head back to the drawing board, literally, to adjust our designs to your feedback. This process can take 1-5 versions, but we don’t stop until we get it just right.

Listen and Adjust

7 Finalize

After a few presentations and adjustments, we reach Eureka! You love it, and we have our final design.

8 Deliver

Lastly, we provide you with your logo, delivering vector files and a brand guide. We also sit with you one last time, giving you advice and best practices for using your logo throughout your marketing efforts. Of course, we can help with those too.

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Let’s Get Started!

At DVS, our creative team is a combination of innovative polymaths who design with passion and intelligence. Let us create a logo that represents your brand, speaks with integrity, and connects you to your audience.