Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing without strategy is like using a toothbrush without toothpaste. It may do the job at first, but eventually no one wants to talk to you.

Why is strategy and planning so important?

Marketing Strategy & Planning

First, let’s define what a Marketing Strategy is. At DVS, we define a marketing strategy as; The comprehensive plan to communicate a brand’s qualities and benefits to its desired target audiences, inspiring desired outcomes and actions.

Too often, a marketing strategy is considered as the calculated efforts of selling a product or service—well, that may be a part of it, but a modern marketing strategy requires more. A effective marketing strategy should result in increased sales, but that should not be the only objective. That may sound silly, but we’ve learned that only focusing on selling weakens the relationship between a brand and its audience. Which is why our strategic marketing focus is on “Illuminating how your products and services improve the lives of your audience”.

Marketing Strategy Development

What distinguishes DVS from other marketing agencies is our process for building your marketing strategy. We work with you, listening to your story, identifying your pain points, and cooperatively establishing goals and measurements. Each marketing plan we develop is unique to your unique situation.

Our Process, Step by Step

Map Pins Identifying your Who

1 Identifying Your Who

To efficiently communicate — just about anything — we must identify who it is that we are communicating with. By understanding that person or group of people, we can create a conversation that will drive our audience to the actions that we desire.

We study and research your audience so that we can choose the right communication channels, connecting you with your audience. Broadcasting to the right people at the right time, creating an emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

2 Discovering Your Why

For us to build an effective marketing strategy, we must understand your why. We start by listening and communicating with you. Discovering what aspects of your brand we need to illuminate so that your audience can see how your business will improve their lives. Why their interaction with your company not only provides them with a product or service but ultimately gives them a one-of-a-kind experience, that no one else can match.

Compass Discovery

3 Building Your How

Now, we move on to how to separate your company from the rest of your industry. How do we shine the light that guides your audience through the fog of your competition? To do this, we research and study your competition, creating a strategy showing your unique assets that separate and place you above your competitors.

4 Projecting your What

Here, we look at your products or services, and define their desirable features, focusing on your target audience. We then communicate those features, while also highlighting your Why & How. By combining those factors, we create a communication formula that stimulates the interests and emotions of your audience.

shouting into microphone

Strategy Execution

After we create a marketing strategy, we execute. We determine the best communication channels, choose the vehicles of your brand messaging, and finally, we reach your target audience.

We take our time, ensuring that our designs are efficient, portraying your desired brand image. We carefully research and calculate our marketing and advertising efforts, reaching the right audience with the right message. And when it is all said and done, we study and analyze our efforts, learning from our labor and further optimizing our strategy.

Let’s Get Started!

Whether you need a website, mobile application, print work, S.E.M, etc., we start by listening, partnering with you to create brand messaging that connects your company to your audience. With our process, experience and creativity, we can help you build a marketing strategy that creates a brand essence of quality and care. Partner with DVS today, and let’s get started!