Sunset Senior Communities – Marketing Automation Campaign

Navigating the options for senior or retirement living can be a challenging task. Whether you’re planning for future retirement and looking for Independent Living communities or your mom fell and broke her hip and needs to move to an Assisted Living community, figuring out the best place possible to fit your, or your parent’s needs, is tough. Likewise, understanding the cost of senior living is a big concern for most people and is dependent on the type of care needed and the current financial situation.

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To help target audiences with this challenge, Sunset Senior Communities and DVS partnered to create a guide called “Navigating the Financial Aspects of Senior Living”. This guide essentially walks a person through the main levels of care available at a senior living community, payment options, how to access the right care, and showcases the unique benefits of living in a Life Plan Community.

The guide served as a “gated content piece” or a lead generation tool on the Sunset website to capture users at the top of the sales funnel who may or may not have interacted with Sunset previously. Those interested in the guide were required to fill out a form with their contact information. Once the form was submitted, the person received an email with a link to download the guide and was then dropped into an automated workflow that delivered additional email messages at regular intervals for the next three months (unless they opted out). These emails offered additional information to assist the person in making a decision about their next step and kept Sunset Senior Communities as a top-of-mind option.


The guide and submission form were placed on an existing page within Sunset’s current website. Interstitial “ads” were created to promote the guide on different sections throughout Sunset’s site, particularly the service line pages. Additional copy was written to promote the guide in the introductory paragraph on the website homepage.

The submission form was tied into Sunset’s CRM so the contact information was captured. The person was dropped into the pre-built automation campaign and was tagged for follow-up by an admissions person in a few months’ time.


The campaign launched quietly in that the only promotion done was sending an email about the guide to current leads. We wanted to see if and how website users would find the guide.

New Leads


per month

Email Open Rate


Email Click Thru Rate


In the first month of the campaign, 29 new leads filled out the submission form to receive the guide. Of those, 83% opened the email and 72% actually downloaded the guide. Over the next six months, the entire marketing automation campaign averaged 26 new leads a month, saw a 47% email open rate (includes the content delivery email and the five follow-up emails), and a 17% email click rate (industry benchmark is 2.67%). Due to its success, the campaign has been extended and repurposed as an online remarketing campaign and continues to grow.