Advertising Campaigns

Great advertising does not provide information – it inspires action.

What is an Advertising Campaign?

The traditional definition of advertising is the strategic paid promotion of an organization’s message, product, or service.

However, at DVS we like to think of advertising a little differently. To us, advertising is the opportunity to illuminate the attributes of your business that improve the lives of your audience.

Now, there are plenty of things that can classify as an attribute, like your process for making your products, customer service, company history, etc. But, the idea is to find what makes you unique, creating a connection between you and your audience. You want to create a relationship that will inspire actions that you desire for your business.

Advertising Services offered by DVS

Search Engine

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Billboard Advertising

Video Advertisements

Traditional Print

Why Advertise?

With today’s vast number of modes of communication, advertising is everywhere; on our phones, televisions, computers, bus stops, buildings, and more. With so much noise throughout our communication channels, how can we even hope to grab the attention of our audience? Well, if done correctly, advertising can be one of the most powerful tools to grow your business, even with the seemingly endless amount of advertising in the world today.

How can advertising help my business?

Brand awareness and credibility

While creating awareness for your brand, advertising also shows the world that you are a real business; credible and willing to invest in your message because you believe in your company.

Specific Audience Targeting

With the right research and strategy, we help your ads find your desired audience, at the ideal time to make an impression and inspire action.

Measurable results

With the right strategy, reporting, and analysis, we provide quantitative and qualitative data — giving us the opportunity to analyze our efforts and your market to optimize your advertising further.

Amplifies Everything Else

After we start advertising, and your brand begins to gain significant recognition, people take notice. They will not only notice your advertising but also your brand and organization itself, recognizing your company’s growth and other marketing efforts.

We’re A Certified Google Partner

Google Partners is an elite marketing program for advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. The requirements for certification are rigorous, which not only proves our technical expertise but also allows us to work closely with Google to ensure the continued success of our clients.

Microsoft Partner Badge

We’re A Certified Microsoft Advertising Partner

As a Microsoft Advertising Partner, we have a direct relationship with Microsoft Advertising. Similar to our Google partnership, the requirements for becoming a partner demand demonstrated technical expertise and certification. This partnership allows us access to platform specific insights and resources which we leverage to the benefit of our clients.

The DVS Advertising Process

Every type of advertising works best with planning and strategy. With the right approach, you improve the odds that your content will find the right people and deliver the message that you desire. Ultimately, you connect your brand to your audience, inspiring that actions that you desire. To do that, we use the following process.


1 Identify Target Audience

We start by listening to you and discovering who your desired customers are.

2 Set Goals

Next, we identify what we want to accomplish through our advertising campaign—determining which metrics we need to measure and what your content should spotlight.

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3 Research

We study your target audience and market, developing an understanding of the people, platforms, and areas you are advertising to.

4 Choose Advertising Type

Knowing your target audience is not enough. We must decide which type of advertising is the best vehicle for your message to reach your audience effectively.


5 Develop Content

(Use Your Why)

Now it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. We develop content (copy, images, video, etc.) to grab the attention of your desired audience, leaving a lasting impression and evoking action. This is where your USP’s (unique selling points) shine and our message surrounds your why.

6 Test & Review

Once we have the advertisement prepped and ready, we need to make sure everything works according to plan. This applies to digital and traditional advertisements.

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7 Launch

Blast off! We launch your ads out into our desired geographical locations, platforms, and audience and watch them work.

8 Analyze and Optimize

After data begins to accumulate, we use various tactics to analyze our efforts and adapt them to be even more effective.


Let’s Get Started!

If you are looking to start or improve an advertising campaign, contact DVS today! With our expert process and experience, we will help you tell your story to your target audience clearly and effectively. Together, we will build a campaign that creates brand awareness and inspires the response that you desire for your business.