Print, Digital Media, and Promotional Products

An impactful design is the difference between your promotion ending in an order or in the waste basket.

What are Print, Digital Media, and Promotional Products?

Print, digital media & promotional products are marketing materials that are intended to express your brand, provide targeted information, and drive an action — using a physical item.


Print is the centuries old standard in marketing materials. It includes everything from your basic business card, to full color wraps on your delivery fleet. Each plays a crucial part in promoting your brand. While your digital ads can will disappear into cyber space with the click of a button, print endures.

Digital Media

Digital products such as USB flash drives, CDs, and DVDs, are a more recent tool than print, but also belong to the physical marketing materials category. DVS is Michigan’s leading local provider of USB flash drive, DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD duplication and replication. Our service includes label design and packaging, and no one offers a better turn-around time or higher quality.

Interested in digital media?

Click here to see our custom digital media capabilities.

Interested in digital media?

Click here to see our custom digital media capabilities.

Promotional Products

Promo products are merchandise that is custom branded with your logo, slogan, or any message you wish to deliver to your audience. A few other common names for promotional products are:

  • Swag
  • Schwag
  • Trinkets
  • Tchotchkes
  • Branded merchandise

No matter what you call them, DVS is your expert resource for promo items that will effectively promote your brand and deliver your message. With 25+ years of sourcing knowledge, we can handle the most odd-ball requests, and even quantities into the millions if needed.

Why is using print and promotional products essential to your maketing success?

I know what you’re thinking— “why would anyone still use physical materials in such a digitally focused world?”. Well, the fact is that physical marketing is still alive and well, and just as effective as ever. In such a highly visual world, providing physical materials gives you the opportunity to connect physically with your audience, while leaving them with a tangible reminder of your message. Tangibility is vital when it comes to promoting your brand. Audience members not only see your message; they can touch, feel, and even wear it.

What print, digital media, and promotional products does DVS offer?

At DVS, we have designed and sourced physical marketing materials for over twenty five years. We handle both simple put-your-logo-on-it products, as well as high end custom manufactured gifts. No matter the item, we create a unique marketing tool that connects you to your audience.

Below are just a few of the many items we offer:

  • Stationary
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Portfolios
  • Posters
  • Infographics
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Blu-ray discs
  • USB flash drives
  • T-shirts & other apparel
  • Challenge coins
  • Drinkware
  • Lanyards & Badges
  • Table Covers & Throws
  • Banners, Flags, & Signs

The DVS Design and Print Process


1 Listen

To kick things off, we start by listening. We meet with you to discuss your objectives and the audience you would like to reach. We also identify material quantities and strategy to ensure that we can deliver on time and provide a compelling product.

2 Design

Next, we move on to the design phase. Here we will craft your custom look and message onto the selected items, and proof it to you for your design approval.

Asset 10

3 Manufacturing Process Selection

Physical marketing materials come in a bewildering array of forms, making it impossible to do everything in-house. At this stage we determine if the manufacturing process will happen in-house at DVS or be closely supervised at one of our trusted partner facilities around the world.

4 Preflight Check

Now we get extremely technical and detailed. We take an in-depth look at our design file and the product material, checking for errors or inefficiencies that may hinder the production process. Our preflight checklist includes:

  • Design & layout
  • Colors & typefaces
  • Margins & bleeds
  • One final review, twice!
Check List

5 Prototype

Depending on the quantity being produced, or the cost of the item, we produce a few prototypes to ensure how the final product will look and feel. Prototypes are shared with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied and ready to commit to the full production run.

6 Production

After we have your approval of the prototype, we move on to production. We move the job into production and monitor the process every step of the way.

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7 Delivery and Reorders

Lastly, we deliver products to you, whether that be locally or at an event site on the other side of the world. From here, we stand ready to handle reorders and your next need!