Giving Wings to Payroll: Logo and Website Design for Dragonfly Payroll

dragonfly homepage mockup

Dragonfly Payroll is a local Grand Rapids company specializing in payroll and HR solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They came to DVS needing a way for their brand to reflect the quality of their service and talented staff. Although they did have a logo and a website, neither of these elements were effectively communicating to their target audiences. Going into this partnership we had three main goals:

  • Drive new client communication with their target demographics
  • Create an engaging brand identity that reflects Dragonfly’s values and culture
  • Craft a cohesive online presence to act as a solid platform for growth

Branding: A New Look For Dragonfly

The humanity of Dragonfly Payroll was not reflected in their branding. Dragonfly’s previous logo was an angular and abstract dragonfly. Overall, it felt static and a bit sterile for a company whose main advantage over their competitors is their personal attention and communication. After working with the Dragonfly team to learn about their current and desired customers, we created the following logo and brand system.

We started with the general idea of a dragonfly motif and after some client collaboration, we created their current mark. The new logo is dynamic, friendly, clean, and professional. The natural curves of the logo and the different flying options of the dragonfly itself, help symbolize the flexibility and customizable solutions the company offers its clients.

In addition, their colors and typeface were also updated. Though not a drastic change, their brand colors were adjusted to create a more personable appearance and ensure accurate reproduction across print and digital mediums. Similarly, the typeface Niveau Grotesk was selected for its humanist features and ability to remain legible at small sizes in print and digital applications.

Website: Creating A Cohesive Experience

With responsive design in mind from the start, we designed and built Dragonfly Payroll a new site from the ground up. The layout is clean, the content is concise and informative, and the hierarchy and site organization helps guide the user fluidly through the site. All of this serves the site’s two main goals; to inform potential new clients about who Dragonfly is and encourage visitors to reach out and connect with the Dragonfly team.

Drangonfly Main Mockup
Multiple strategies were implemented to ensure the site is easily accessible on every device—from large desktops, to medium-sized tablets, to small mobile devices. In order for this to work, content was constructed in a column layout that shuffles when the device window shrinks or grows. Buttons and call-to-actions were also designed to increase usability and engagement. Primary buttons are a highly-visible brand green, have a satisfying “click” animation, and are large enough for less-accurate finger taps.

Another priority for this site was SEO. The content not only had to read well for users, but also had to be crafted in a way that allowed Google read each page and place it in the organic search results. Structured data was also implemented to help further our ranking goals. While Google is very good at deciphering webpages, structured data functions like an index with clues and helpful information for Google. The results of good content, carefully chosen keywords, and structured data means that Dragonfly will achieve a higher-ranking in the organic search results than before.

Bringing It All Together

Although each individual piece of work created for Dragonfly can stand on its own, they are most effective when combined to create a single brand voice. Weather a potential client sees a print mailer, finds the site through Google, or meets with their team in person—colors, messaging, logos, and all other points of communication are unified. Their brand voice embodies a professional, yet friendly and human company driven to help you with customizable payroll and HR solutions. With a fresh look and a website designed to connect with their audience, we were able to give Dragonfly Payroll wings and create a platform for accelerated business growth.