5 brand marketing uses for 360-degree video and why 360-video will increase your brand exposure for less cost. If that sentence speaks to you, read on. As professional marketers we continually look for new ways to deliver our messages that get results. At this time the exploding popularity of 360-degree video is one such way to get those results.

Here’s why:

  • – It’s Novel – 360-degree video is new, exciting, and able to break through the clutter.
  • – It’s Shareable – YouTube and Facebook are strongly promoting it on their platforms.
  • – It’s Impactful – viewers’ ability to control the experience results in greater engagement.

Now on to the 5 ways you can use 360-degree video to increase brand exposure:

Showcase Your Products

Lifestyle marketing is a powerful tool in modern marketing. It’s about engaging viewers into the story and how your brand can impact and empower their story. 360-degree video takes a leap beyond the passive and accomplishes that goal by putting viewers into an active role exploring the story being presented.

Outdoor apparel brand The North Face is one such company employing 360-degree video to engage viewers via lifestyle marketing. For years, The North Face has created content featuring athletes on expeditions testing out its products. In 2015, the company launched a 360-degree video to bring viewers closer to the expedition experience. The goal, to create a stronger connection to the brand. Watch the 360-degree video below to see for yourself.

Enable Virtual Tours

What do you do when you have a world-class facility and want to show it off. Give tours of course. Now what do you do when that’s not possible due to security or geographic distance issues. Use 360-degree video!

A powerful way to draw attendees into your trade show booth is to offer a virtual tour of your facility using 360-degree video. We are currently creating just that experience for one of our OEM manufacturing clients. Facing the aisle-way will be a table with multiple Google Cardboard viewers and signage inviting attendees to step in and experience the virtual facility tour.

Since that trade show won’t happen until August, please take a virtual tour of the Large Hadron Collider below. Also, check back in September when we post our own client’s virtual tour to our website and blog.

Showcase Brand Events

Showcasing an event typically requires showing pics or standard videos of what happened at that event. A better way to do this is to actually let people be part of the event!

At DVS we often have the privilege to shoot 360-degree videos of client events. Those videos often contain licensed music, or other internal only elements, so we can’t publicly show them. Instead, I will share this fashion show by Audrey.

Promote Destinations

If your brand is a destination, 360-degree video not only enables viewers to see but also explore at their own direction. This type of viewer directed exploration increases viewer engagement and can lead to better conversions.

For example, Hilton Hotels & Resorts launched a campaign with the intent of increasing direct bookings. Their campaign mobile ad includes a video asking consumers, “Where will your story take you?” Once the standard video ends, a custom “end card” shows up with a link to an interactive 360-degree video, “Destination: Inspiration” that takes viewers on a “virtual vacation” to the Hilton Barbados Resort. Watch the below video to learn how it was done.

Share Corporate Citizenship Efforts

Corporate Social Responsibility is an ever growing movement among organizations that are concerned with giving back to the community. 360-degree video is a prime way to leverage its novel, shareable, and impactful attributes in a way that focuses on the cause being championed, while also benefiting the organization contributing to the cause.

Why 360-degree video will get your brand more exposure for less cost

Now that we’ve explored how to use 360° video to increase brand awareness, here’s why 360-degree video will get your brand more exposure for less cost. Simply put, major social platforms are hungry for 360-degree video content and promoting posts that feature it. In our own experience, when we publish content incorporating 360-degree video on Facebook, it consistently outperforms content without it.

If you would like to learn more about using 360-degree video in your brand marketing efforts, let’s talk!