The Right Way to Share Access to Your Google Ads Account14 min read

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Tech

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Yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way to share access to your Google Ads account. Instead of giving access to an individual user, we recommend linking your account to your agency’s Google Ads Manager account.

Why Share Access to Google Ads?

You may need some help or advice from a consultant or agency like DVS. The easiest (and most secure) way for us to help is to grant our Google Ads Manager account access to your Ad account. This access can either be temporary or permanent based on the work you’d like to do with us.

Linking a Manager Account vs. Linking a Single User

Linking to a Manager account not only makes it easier for an agency to manage multiple accounts, but it also makes granting access much safer for you. As the owner of the Google Ad account, you can unlink the agency’s account at any time instead of keeping track of individual users.

How to Share Access to Google Ads

Step 1

Send the agency your 10-digit Google Ads account ID.

Log into your Google Ads account and look for your account ID in the upper-right corner. Email the account number to your agency.

Google Ads Account ID Location

Step 2

Wait for the agency to request access.

Next, you should get an email from Google Ads letting you know that the agency is requesting to link your Ads account to their Manager account.

The email will list the account number and email address of whoever is requesting access. It’s always a good idea to double-check the email matches the agency’s Manager account before granting access.

account access request prompt

Step 3

Accept the request.

Log into your Google Ads account. Click Tools & Settings in the upper right corner and select Access and security under Setup.

Select the Managers tab. There you will see the name of the Manager account requesting access. Click Accept to give the agency access to your account.

How to Locate an Agency Request

Note: If you decide to no longer work with an agency, you can always return to the Mangers section of your account to revoke access.