With more than 50 years of experience in career and technical education (CTE), NOCTI delivers solutions for increasing students’ technical competence and certifying new and incumbent workers in the private sector. Began with providing teachers with occupational exams, NOCTI has grown to be a national leader in standardized and customized credentialing solutions. They needed a partner to update their company brand and create a comprehensive marketing strategy to build awareness of the organization and increase their prominence as the leading expert in CTE.

Nocti Case Study Banner

Visual Branding Update

The former NOCTI brand had a strong foundation, compelling story, and successfully served the growing organization over five decades. After walking the NOCTI team through the DVS Brand Discovery Workshop process though, it became clear the classic and reserved look of the brand no longer fit who they were or where the organization was headed. NOCTI had moved into a more expressive and modern position. They wanted to introduce themselves to new markets outside of CTE and reestablish the team as thought leaders in the industry. To do this, NOCTI needed a brand and voice to match and uphold those characteristics.

Nocti old vs new logo
DVS proposed a new cohesive and flexible system of type, color, and photography to highlight the organization’s turn toward the modern. However, the current logo had built a substantial amount of brand equity over the years and needed to be respected. In order to keep that equity yet move toward modern and expressive, we removed the “globe” overlay to increase legibility and reset the “NOCTI” name in a more customized typeface that better reflected their future voice. Additionally, we established a concise palette of colors that can be used interchangeably in various layouts and made modifications to the primary navy brand color.
Nocti Identity Extensions

New Website

NOCTI’s previous website was significantly outdated and had grown too large and cumbersome to communicate effectively with their target audiences. Navigation was confusing and complex, and no methods existed for audiences to communicate directly with NOCTI.

After undergoing an extensive UX and content audit that included analyzing user paths, our team designed and built a new, responsive website with seamless navigation, clear and concise language and specific calls-to-action for each target audience. The site enabled the organization to better showcase their experience and expertise in the CTE industry as well as being a technologically-adept provider of CTE credentialing and certifications.

Nocti Website Mockup


The education sector was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and NOCTI was no different. Like most of the world, their industry came to a near halt for much of 2020. We worked with them to help minimize the impact while still building a strong foundation for future efforts.

The new website launched in the middle of the pandemic. Regardless of the decrease in client activity though, the client saw results nearly immediately. Within the first three months, there was a 36% increase in new users, a 43% increase in sessions, a 78% increase in page views, and a 24% increase in pages per session. The average session duration also increased by 18.5%.


increase in new users


increase in sessions


increase in page views


increase in pages per session