Why is Original Content Publishing Important?7 min read

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Original Content Publishing

Content is king. You’ve probably heard that expression before, right? In digital marketing, it couldn’t be more true. Despite what many might say, there really isn’t a better first step to take in the digital space than to ensure that the original content you’re pushing is valuable to the consumer and well-produced.

Original Content Publishing

Original Content Publishing, also referred to as content marketing, generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing, and costs 62% less. Not only does Google routinely reward quality original content in organic search engine metrics, but it will also help with a PPC (pay-per-click) ads quality score. Whether you are paying to advertise or not, it’s imperative for brands to focus on producing quality content that’s relevant to their industry. Routinely publishing original content with value for a business’ target audience is what really comprises Original Content Publishing.

What are the benefits of Original Content Publishing?

We’ve already mentioned how search engines like Google reward original content publishing, but what are the real benefits for business? At its core, Original Content Publishing shows that as a business, you know your stuff. It helps your credibility for not only other consumers but other industry members as well.

Industry Credibility

Original Content Publishing is great for developing a business’ industry credibility. Is your industry adapting to the times and keeping up with the latest trends to keep your product on top? Make it known through asserting the knowledge online in the form of Original Content Publishing. With over 4 billion internet users across the world, it is a space that pretty much every industry will want to be a part of.

Answer the Target Audience

One of the highly-contended areas for content marketing online is to become an answer card on Google. More searches on Google are made in the form of questions than any other type of query, and Google has been putting in work to place the most relevant and simplest answer to any question a user might have as a “card” at the top of the results. An example of these cards can be seen below. This means your website could be the first thing a member of your target audience sees when they type in a relevant question. This further imprints on the consumer’s mind that your company is a “go-to source” for information, making lead generation that much more simple.

Google card - how far is the moon


Another reason for a company to invest in original content publishing is for archival purposes. A corporate blog is typically easily searchable by date, which makes for an easy way for internal team members to research previous topics.


SEO is the overarching theme that really ties in the importance of original content publishing. There are many factors that go into SEO, but among the most important is making sure the content on the page is original, and of immediate value to the search inquiry of the consumer. Utilizing an OCP plan to keep a stream of fresh content that contains a purpose to satisfy the business’ target audience is the first step on capitalizing SEO.

What types of Original Content are there?

Content is a broad term, which really just categorizes any form of information a user consumes. When most people talk about original content publishing, they think of posting blogs on a regular basis. They are right, but that doesn’t paint the entire picture. Original content publishing encompasses keeping a regularly-scheduled stream of original content going through website content, infographics, blogs and much more.

Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content refers to the website’s main content. These pages include areas like the home page, about page, contact page and more, depending on the company’s industry. This content is the very first thing people are going to see when they land on a website, so it needs to encapsulate the entire rest of the site in a clear, yet informative way.

There are many benefits to this type of content, with a primary one being answering a Google search. If, for example, a business’ “services” page utilized original content on how they repair vintage arcade machines, they stand a better chance at being the first piece of content that pops up for the search, “How do I repair a vintage Taito arcade machine?”


The big one that is always mentioned within a content marketing plan is the blog. And mentioned it is for good reason: when websites utilize blogs, they tend to have over 400% more indexed pages on Google. Blog content can be structured in many different ways, but as long as the content stays relevant to the industry, it has the potential to bring in search engine traffic.

Blogs are a great way to utilize longer content. For example, a step-by-step guide that explains how a business’ product can help with home renovations can be written as blog content. In this form, it is easily searchable by date and name through the blog database. If a newer version of the product gets released down the road, an updated version of the guide can be re-released at a later date.


Infographics are often not thought about when talking about the mix of content currently online. But time and time again, it is one of the most effective tools in content, especially when shared on social media platforms. Infographics take a limited amount of written content and pair them with easy-to-digest graphics that simply explain a concept or process. Infographics combine the value of informative content with the eye-catching nature of a well laid out graphic.

Video Content

Video content is hard to ignore. With the surge of YouTube and other social sharing sites, investing in well-produced videos is a no-brainer for many industries. Video content can take many forms but is most often utilized similarly to blog content. It is great for explanatory type content, such as walkthroughs, product demos, and more. Check out more about how video can benefit your marketing needs at dvs.com/services/video-animation.


Podcasts aren’t necessarily a new form of content, but it is one that has been gaining steam in the past few years. More people than ever are listening to podcasts. In fact, close to 50 million people listen to one weekly. Podcasts usually are long-form in nature and allow for debate and discussion in a simple format for consumers to enjoy. Whether on the ride in from work or out on a jog, podcasts are easy to consume.

Podcast Content

Listening is where we start

Here at DVS, we always start by listening to our client’s needs. Have a question about how your business could benefit from original content publishing? Get in touch at dvs.com/contact and we’ll find the best marketing plan to suit your needs.