Sales Tools

The key to having impactful sales efforts is preparation and a great first impression.

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What are sales tools?

Sales tools are, literally, anything that helps or aids sales personnel in communicating with prospective customers or clients. Sales tools vary from platform to platform but are generally branded material that contains targeted messaging or information. It’s important to remember that sales tools are designed for the customer but utilized by the sales team.

What sales tools do we specialize in at DVS?

At DVS, we design a variety of sales tools for either traditional or digital platforms. Whenever necessary, we’ll take an innovative approach as well. In those situations, we might not have an exact design or template from the past, but we will innovate a new vehicle for your message. In every case, our sales tools have two primary components. They’re well-branded and deliver necessary information to your audience.

Sales items we design:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Placemats
  • Posters & Banners
  • Trade Show Material
  • PowerPoints
  • Infographics
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Templates
  • Digital displays
  • 360 Video Viewers
  • Video Mailers
  • Web Applications

The importance of sales tools

Anyone who works in sales will tell you that the tools don’t make the sale, and at DVS we would certainly agree with them. However, having the right tools makes any transaction easier. Professional sales tools, no matter the platform or tool, portray preparedness and competence that most customers or clients appreciate. Sales tools are also an excellent vehicle for information. Whether the information is simple credentials or complex data, information that is clear and concise ensures that your audience embraces and absorbs your messaging.

Most importantly, sales tools provide a strong brand representation that supports your sales team in leaving a lasting impression.

The DVS Sales Tools Process


1 Kickoff

We start by listening. We meet with you to identify your objectives, target audience, core messaging, and location (platform).

2 Research

Next, we review and study the audience and situation. We analyze how your audience will react and what types of tools are best to communicate your messaging.

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3 Ideation

Here we take the information we have gathered to brainstorm on what tools, new or old, create the best user experience and effectively deliver your message. We then take our ideas to you and discuss which ones you believe to be the best options.

4 Design/Prototype/Draft

Now we let our creativity shine. Depending on the selected tool, the design process will vary. Generally, our designers and content-specialists will prototype the design and draft the content (copy, images, video, etc.).

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Asset 15

5 Review

Here we collaborate with you, reviewing our designs and prototypes. We listen to your feedback and adjust wherever necessary.

6 Production

Once we have finalized our tools and their design, we move on to production. Again, the production process will vary depending on the type of tools you chose. Some, we produce right in-house, and others will call for production off-site, like a mass printer or manufacturer.

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7 Delivery

Lastly, after checking the goods and making sure the final product accurately represents our design, we deliver it to do you. Depending on the platform this can be an in-person delivery or online, of course. We’ll also work with you ensuring all sales personnel are familiar with the tools, and the strategy behind them.