Website and Photo Shoot – Impact Collision Repair

Impact Collision Repair came to us with the goal of putting up a site that reflected their expertise in working on high-end automobiles. To help tell their story, we did a half-day photo shoot at their shop to show off their work and put a more human face on what can be a stressful customer experience.


A Website That Elevates and Informs

Typical auto repair websites are a bit of a mixed bag. Either they lack finesse, serving primarily as early-2000’s Google fodder, or they are a template site under the umbrella of a larger organization. Impact wanted to come across as higher end and less concerned with beating the competition on price alone. Instead they want wanted to present as approachable experts, taking head shots of employees and management and putting them right on the site.

In typical repair shop fashion we kept the persistent contact info at the top of the page and allowed them to manage their hours of availability. But instead of focusing on “Call Now!” messaging, we used photos from our shoot to highlight the quality of work, reinforce the services provided, and create a personal connection to the company. Needing collision repair doesn’t usually happen at a convenient time, and Impact wanted to take some of the intimidation out of the decision making process. Below are some selects from the shoot.

Impact Collision - Photo Shoot 1
Impact Collision - Tire and Rim Close-up
Impact Collision - detailing trim
Impact Collision - Sanding
Impact Collision - Car Shot