Live Events Rebrand – Corporate Live

In the world of corporate and live events, few places in West Michigan offer the expertise, creativity, and range of equipment as Corporate Live, formerly Corporate Sound. We were asked to help reshape and invigorate their brand, showcasing their new name and their renewed focus on live events.


Visual Branding

It was important for Corporate Live to have a new logo that was more flexible, legible, and bold than their previous mark. Our process, as with all logo development projects, started with pages and pages of pencil sketches. Once a few solid directions began to materialize, we rendered them digitally and continued iterating. The concepts revolved around simplified, geometric representations of sound and light waves, with a heavy emphasis on the large, sans-serif, capital “C”.

logo ideation
The final, approved concept features a bold, stylized “C” mark. Inspired by visual equalizers that are omnipresent in the AV industry, the mark takes the previous green brand color and brightens it for a more vibrant, active energy. We paired the green / green gradient with a deep, midnight blue. The contrast emphasizes the primary brand color and works as a subdued, “corporate” yin to the energetic green “live” yang.