The Lorin Coil Anodizing Aluminum Process

While striving to meet the needs of West Michigan-local Lorin Industries, our in-house team at DVS got to put their video animations skills to work by creating this step-by-step video on Lorin’s coil anodizing process.

Lorin Coil, a world leader in coil anodizing, approached us with the unique challenge to provide messaging that easily explains their multi-step Aluminum Coil Anodizing Process. As anyone who has taken high school chemistry would know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We started by sitting down with our clients and listening, identifying any issues they were having and what platforms they’d like their message to travel through. After, we discovered that a video animation would be perfect; providing a highly visual and easily understood storyline that would work on multiple digital platforms. From there, our in-house video team created graphics and animation to communicate Lorin’s technique from the pre-treatment phase to the final sealing of the aluminum. All to finally deliver to manufacturers for use in a variety of consumer and industrial products.